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  • Do you have an Idea for a Book?
  • Would you like to Grow your Business exponentially?
  • Have you got a Message to share with the World?
  • Have you always wanted to be an Author but didn’t know where to start?
  • Do you have a desire to be known as the authority figure in Your Niche?

The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Weekend was created to take care of all of the above and more.

In Just 48 Hours you complete the following:

  • Get your Book Content Done.
  • Record your Promotional Video for your book.
  • Attend 7 Teach Segments to learn how to Leverage Your Business Via Your Book
  • Generate Ideas and a Bond with other like-minded future Authors
  • Get the Steps and Checklists that will help you be successful when your book Launches

Take a Look inside the Ultimate 48-hour Weekend

–Full package at the bottom of this page —

This Weekend is designed to remove you from your everyday life away from distractions and interruptions.  You get 80% of your book tasks done while the other 20% happens before and after the weekend.

Writing a book has never been easier. The Ultimate 48 Hour Author weekend is not for everyone.  The style and structure that we use to make this happen is unique and only suited to those that qualify after a 30 Minute Strategy Session.

We are only interested in 100% success rate with our participants and that is why we are very specific in the selection process.

There are other institutions/schools/individuals doing an amazing job teaching people how to write books.  Their systems are outstanding and only if you followed the steps you would be successful.

The harsh reality is that only 3% of people that attend those courses ever become a published author. Our point of difference is that we provide a package that includes publishing, 100 books, website and much more.

If you invest in this package it guarantees you will get to hold your book in your hand from the beginning.

Check out the video of one of our venues for the Ultimate 48 Hour Author Weekend: Sneak Peak of the Weekend in Action & Tour of One of the Houses we have Stayed in:

Contact us for a 30 minute qualifying chat and find out if you have Superhuman Powers to make your book a reality in 48 Hours

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So you may be asking yourself – when is the right time for me to write my book?  Is it too early in my business to do it?  After all no one knows me.  Should I be focusing on other things first? My answer to this is – Get Started Today!

I believe all of us have already enough life experience and a story and message we must share with the world.

You may be new in your business, but that shouldn’t stop you.  I started writing my first book 7 months from starting my business.

Why?  Because no one knew me.  I needed a cooler business card than the one I had.  I needed credibility and for others to take me seriously. I never stopped focusing on all the other income producing activities.

I had my book project and continued networking, running workshops/webinars, utilizing social media, meeting new people all of the time and setting up joint ventures to leverage and generate cash flow in my business. This is what I teach too.

The book is the Marketing Tool, the other activities and learnings that will surround this process help you build your business.  Remember your first book will be the hardest.  Once you know the formula, you can replicate this for yourself over and over.  I have now for the 4th time in just 3.5 years – and watch out as it can become addictive.


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Ultimate 48 Hour Author

Ultimate 48 Hour Author